Putin’s inner circle discusses use of Iskandar nuclear missile in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland or Georgia

Iskander missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Credit: Getty

Kremlin military official warned that nuclear war was the “inevitable” conclusion of the Russia-Ukraine war, Global Defense Corp has learned.

The warning was issued by none other than the author who wrote Russia’s War Bible, retired Major General Alexander Vladimirov.

The retired major general sat down with journalist Vladislav Shurygin and discussed the ongoing war. Vladirmirov concluded that the only thing standing between Russia and the use of nuclear weapons was an order from Vladimir Putin.

“For the transition to the use of weapons of mass destruction, only one thing is needed — a political decision by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief,” Vladimirov told the journalist, according to the Daily Mail.

The retired military official continued that the power struggle between Russia and Western countries meant “weapons of mass destruction” were the only end.

As Russian forces struggle to hold on their planned defensive line, amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive. The retired military official said that Putin’s endgame in the Ukraine invasion is to use tactical nuclear missile in Eastern Ukraine, Moldova, Poland or Georgia.

“The goals of Russia and the goals of the West are their survival and historical eternity,” the War Bible author continued. “And this means that in the name of this, all means of armed struggle available to them will be used, including such a tool as their nuclear weapons.”

Vladimirov added, “I am sure that nuclear weapons will be used in this war — inevitably, and from this neither we nor the enemy have anywhere to go.”

Vladimirov doubled down on his “inevitable” predication and called for current Kremlin officials to begin training troops.

“The sooner our politicians and leadership realize this, the sooner we start to train troops and the population for this,” Vladimirov continued. “The more chances we will have for survival, which means victory.”

The retired major general claimed that training was crucial for Russian troops’ “ability to wage war under the conditions of the use of weapons of mass destruction.”

“If you want peace — fight until you win,” the retired official continued. “If you want a long and strong peace, bury the hatchet on the territory of the enemy along with him.”

“So, we need to be prepared. Prepare the Army, the State, the Economy and the population of the country,” Vladimirov added.

The retired official’s grim prediction followed last week’s announcement from the head of the Russian Space Agency.

During an educational event, Yury Borisov said that Putin’s prized Samrat nuke, dubbed the Satan-2, had been placed on combat duty for the first time.

The nuclear missile was capable of traveling nearly 16,000 mph and could reach the U.K. in under six minutes. Last year, Putin crony Dmitry Kiselyov warned former U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson that his country would cease to exist as the nuke could wipe out the U.K. in a single strike.

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