Fincantieri Delivers Second Musherib-class OPV To Qatar Navy

Fincantieri Shipyard delivers the Qatar Navy’s second Musherib-class Q62 offshore patrol vessel (OPV). 

As part of the National Naval Procurement Program organized by the Qatar Ministry of Defense on 5 June 2021, the Sheraouh Q62 offshore patrol vessel was launched. The technical launch of the offshore patrol vessel, built by Fincantieri Shipyard, was held at the shipyard in La Spezia, Italy.

According to the press release published by Fincantieri Shipyard, the program is worth approximately 4 billion Euros. In the program; There are 2 OPVs, 4 100 meters long Corvettes and one Amphibious Landing Platform Dock / LPD, which are planned to be delivered in 2022.

Musherib-class OPV

Prior to the technical launch of the offshore patrol vessel, two events were held at La Spezia and Riva Trigoso. The first event was the opening of the Halul-1 Training Center in La Spezia, where ship personnel will be trained. The second event was the first steel cutting ceremony of the ships and Amphibious Landing Craft ordered by the Qatar Navy from Fincantieri Shipyard.

The event in question; Major General Hamad bin Mubarak Al-Dawai Al-Nabit, Commander of the Qatar Air Defense Forces Brigadier General Jalal Khaled Al Ruwaili, Commander of the Italian Naval Schools Vice Admiral Enrico Credendino and Fincantieri Naval Ships Division General Manager Giuseppe Giordo.

Fincantieri Shipyard launched the first offshore patrol vessel Musherib, built for the Qatar Navy, in September 2020.

Musherib Class Offshore Patrol Ship (OPV)

The Musherib-class offshore patrol vessel, built by Italian Fincentieri, is designed in accordance with the RINAMIL (Standards for Classification of Military Ships) Fast Patrol Ship (FPV) standard and is a flexible vessel type capable of performing different types of missions, from reconnaissance to attack. The ship is also capable of operating an RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) via the winch located at the stern.

Technicial Specifications

  • Total length: 63.80 meters
  • Beam: 9.20 meters
  • Speed ​​(max) 30/15 kts
  • Displacement at full load: 725 tons
  • Range: 1500 nm
  • Crew: 38
  •  Sensors:
    • EWS Radar and Communications (RESM / CESM)
    • Multi-Function Radar (MFR Kronos HP)
    • IR Search and Tracking System (IRST)
    • Radar and Electrooptic Fire Control System (FCS)
    • X-Band and S-Band Navigation Radar
  •  Weaponry:
    • VL-MICA Surface-to-Air Missile System
    • Exocet Anti-Ship Missile
    • 76/62 mm SR Head Gun
    • 30mm Gun
    • 12.7mm Machine Gun

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