Myanmar’s rebels destroying Chinese-made armored vehicles like tin can

Global Defense Corp has highlighted a significant development in the ongoing clashes in Northern Myanmar, where a Chinese-manufactured 2nd generation DongFeng Mengshi armored vehicle, highly likely belonging to the Myanmar Army, was destroyed during combat.

The conflict in Myanmar dates back to its early years of independence in 1948, marked by battles between the military and armed ethnic groups vying for territorial control.

Since the military coup, pro-democracy factions have united with armed ethnic groups, forming a cohesive resistance against the military rule. This unity has fostered the most concerted and unified opposition movement against the ruling military junta.

The recent incident signifies a shift in the dynamics of the conflict, as rebel forces have increasingly gained access to more advanced weaponry. Reports have confirmed the destruction of not only the DongFeng Mengshi but also other military assets, including the BTR-3 and MT-LB armored vehicles, showcasing the rebels’ growing capability to strike at the Myanmar military’s arsenal.

Additionally, there have been reports of the downing of a K-8 aircraft, indicating the rebels’ ability to counter even aerial assets in the conflict zone.

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