Dramatic Footage Shows Ukrainian Special Forces Stormed Wagner Hideouts In Bakhmut

This is the dramatic moment an entire unit of Vladimir Putin’s private army were wiped out in an ambush by Ukraine.

The soldiers from the so-called “Wagner Group” are pictured being blitzed by Ukrainian troops in the battle for Soledar.

Explosions erupted as the group were wiped out by the Ukrainians

Shock footage shows the mercenaries attempting to hunker down for cover as Ukrainians use a drone to scout their positions.

Machine gun fire rains down upon them as they attempt to hide while moving through a rail yard.

Explosions them erupt as the unit is “wiped out” during the brutal battle.

The combat footage is believed to be from earlier this month as the Russians launched their attack on the salt mining town.

Ukrainian special forces blew up Wagner Group’s position in Bakhmut. Photo twitter.

It comes as more than 100 soldiers were reportedly killed in a single Ukrainian missile strike in Soledar.

Both sides are claiming victory in the regime which is one of the most brutal parts of the frontline.

Aerial photos show the town has been utterly devastated amid the fighting

The Wagner Group are a key part of the offensive – with the private mercenary company essentially being Putin’s personal military force.

Ukraine’s deputy defence minister said Kyiv’s forces were still holding out in Soledar despite a massive Russian onslaught.

Ukrainian military analyst Oleh Zhdanov said the situation in Soledar was “approaching that of critical”.

He said on YouTube: “The Ukrainian armed forces are holding their positions. About one half of the town is under our control.

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