The israeli-made kamikaze drone of Azerbaijani military destroyed Armenian Iskander missile launcher

The Israeli-made kamikaze drones of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces destroyed the Iskander of the Armenian Armed Forces.

At least one operational-tactical missile system “Iskander” in service with Armenia was destroyed today by an Azerbaijani kamikaze drone. According to the Azerbaijani media, this is the destruction of an entire region where at least three operational-tactical missile systems were located, the photograph was taken by the drone, there are one Tochka-U and two Iskander missile battery was located.

Harop Kamikaze drones operated by Azerbaijani Army

Azerbaijani media reported that tactical missile systems of the Armenian Armed Forces were deployed on the territory of the Kalbajar region, and at least one of them was destroyed immediately before use.

The Iskander missile launcher was supposed to operate as a tactical mobile launcher, which means that the very first attempt to use Iskander SRBM turned out to be the loss of one of the missile systems for Armenia. Russian Federation has supplied four Iskander tactical missiles to the Armed Forces of Armenia.

This is the first confirmed report of the destruction of a tactical ballistic missile by a kamikaze drone.

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