Russia sent three MiG-29 to Armenia

The conflict between Asia’s two neighbors, Armenia and Azerbaijan, continues, with some experts expecting even more violent clashes in the coming hours and days.

The Russian military had begun transferring its fighters to Yerevan to help Armenia. The source claims that he has so far filmed at least three Russian MiG-29s. It should be noted that, as far as is known, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey are closing their airspace to Russia, which leads to the following logical conclusion – Moscow is using Iran’s airspace to transfer the fighters to Yerevan.

After being fully repaired, MiG-29 fourth generation jet fighters will be deployed to the Russian airbase in Erebuni to protect Armenian airspace.

MiG-29 jets which are deployed to the airbase after being fully repaired have been used to protect Armenia’s airspace within the joint air defense systems of the CIS. They have also been involved in regular training flights in accordance with the combat readiness program.

Ateo Breaking shared the video in its Telegram channel, claiming that the fighters flew over Yerevan, but without distinctive signs, so the nationality of the fighters cannot be stated with certainty. Experience in recent years in a hybrid conventional war has shown that Moscow is fully capable and well-rounded in such situations, which does not rule out the possibility of Russian fighters being transferred to Armenia.

Until now, Armenia did not confirm the authenticity of the video, as in reality, without an official statement from one of the two countries. But serious attention must be paid to the following basic and important strategic fact – Moscow has an air base, which leads us to the next logical conclusion – the transfer of fighters from Moscow to Yerevan is not an unusual practice and in the context of the conflict is more than expected.

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