South Korea Fired Missiles In Response To North Korean Missile Launches

South Korea says it has conducted air-to-surface missile tests in response to North Korean missile launches.

South Korea’s military says its fighter jets fired three precision-guided missiles on Wednesday near the rivals’ eastern border.

It says the launches were in reaction to a barrage of North Korean missile tests earlier on Wednesday. South Korea says one of the North Korean missiles landed near the sea border.

Earlier, air raid sirens sounded in the South after the North fired about a dozen missiles in its direction Wednesday.

The launches came hours after North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to get the US and South Korea to “pay the most horrible price in history” as it has intensified its fiery rhetoric targeting the ongoing large-scale military drills between its rivals.

South Korea’s military said North Korea launched more than 10 missiles of various kinds off its eastern and western coasts.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement earlier Wednesday that it detected three short-range ballistic missiles fired from the North’s eastern coastal town of Wonsan.

It said one of the missiles landed 26 kilometres away from the rivals’ sea border.

The landing site is in international waters, but still far south of the extension of the nations’ border.

South Korea’s military said it was the first time a North Korean missile had landed so close to the sea border since the countries’ division in 1948.

In 2010, North Korea launched artillery shells on a frontline South Korean island and allegedly torpedoed a South Korean navy ship, both off the peninsula’s western coast, killing a total of 50 people.

“This is very unprecedented and we will never tolerate it,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a separate statement.

The North Korean missile’s landing site is also 167 kilometres north-west of South Korea’s Ulleung island, where an air raid alert was then issued.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said South Korea won’t tolerate North Korean provocations and will sternly deal with them in close coordination with the United States.

It said South Korea has boosted its surveillance posture on North Korea.

Animosities on the Korean Peninsula have been running high in recent months, with North Korea testing a string of nuclear-capable missiles and adopting a law authorising the preemptive use of its nuclear weapons in a broad range of situations.

Some experts still doubt North Korea could use nuclear weapons first in the face of US and South Korean forces.

North Korea has argued its recent weapons tests were meant to issue a warning to Washington and Seoul over their series of joint military drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal, including this week’s exercises involving about 240 warplanes.

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