Ukrainian kamikaze drone blasted Russia’s Iskander ballistic missile factory

A Russian Iskander ballistic missile plant that makes crucial parts for missiles has gone up in flames after being blasted by kamikaze drones.

Dramatic footage shows a huge inferno raging at the Kremniy EL after the second hit on the plant in the city of Bryansk within days.

It manufactures microchips for Vladimir Putin’s deadly Iskander ballistic missiles, which have been used to target Ukraine.

The microelectronics plant – one of the biggest in Russia – also makes key hi-tech parts for multiple other weapons.

The plant was hit by one of two kamikaze drones aimed at Bryansk, the capital of a Russian region bordering Ukraine.

One was downed by electronic jamming but the other hit the Kremniy EL plant, according to reports, in the latest significant blow to Putin.

More than 40 firefighters rushed to the scene to fight the inferno, which was triggered by the exploding drone.

The plant produces semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and power modules for military and civilian uses.

According to Russian authorities, it was the main administrative building at the plant that was hit.

Regional governor Alexander Bogomaz confirmed the strike on the facility and said the blaze was under control.

A day earlier, a drone attack caused damage to the main railway station in Bryansk.

Ukraine does not claim responsibility for drone strikes on Russian territory – but Moscow firmly puts the blame on Kyiv.

It comes amid a surge in attacks in recent weeks – running at their highest rate since the start of the war more than 18 months ago.

On Thursday, a giant fireball erupted close to Putin’s war command headquarters after kamikaze drones blasted Rostov-on-Don.

The drones triggered a massive explosion – sparking a huge fire near the military HQ which the dictator is reported to have visited several times during the war.

Huge plumes of smoke could be seen filling the air above the city following the overnight blast.

And earlier this week, a drone was downed close to Putin’s secret hunting palace as the war inches closer to his doorstep.

Dramatic footage showed a huge explosion over trees in the Zavidovo district of Russia’s Tver region.

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