Rafael Spike LR II Missile System: The Ultimate Tank Killer

The Rafael Spike LR is a 5th Generation Multi-purpose, Multiplatform Man portable, Electro-optical Guided Missile System. The Spike LR is the most advanced missile to counter ground based armored vehicle, tanks, harden bunker, troops and landing craft.

Rafael Spike LR II

The SPIKE LR II has a modern electro-optical seeker which includes a high quality un-cooled IR sensor and an advanced high definition color day sensor. The new SPIKE LR II Seeker includes capabilities of a smart target tracker which includes AI features (Artificial Intelligence), thus maintaining target lock-on, even under extreme conditions against a large variety of targets, with almost no need for gunner intervention.

The SPIKE LR II is an advanced state-of-the-art lethal 5th generation multipurpose, multi- platform missile, designed for modern warfare with almost full commonality to the SPIKE Missile legacy. Rafael stands behind its long stated strategy regarding SPIKE missile Systems for continuous improvement by, enhancing engagement range, enhancing lethality and reducing weight.
The SPIKE Missiles and launchers are operational today in more than 26 armed forces.

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For increased lethality, SPIKE LR II includes two unique state-of-the-art advanced and highly capable Warhead configurations: a Tandem HEAT warhead configuration, enhancing the armor penetration capability of the SPIKE missile by more than 30%, and a new multipurpose blast warhead, which includes controlled fusing (by the gunner) for control of the desired effect.

Upon selection of breach mode, the new warhead can breach up to 20 cm of reinforced concrete (with steel reinforcing bars) and detonate within the structure, creating immense and lethal damage to structural targets, vehicles and marine vessels (if used in an anti-ship scenario). Un-delayed detonation in open terrain will result in an effective peripheral blast/fragmentation effect. This unique Multipurpose Warhead was designed to overcome most of the targets found today in the battlefield.

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The SPIKE LR II Missile includes high commonality to the SPIKE Family and can be launched from any SPIKE Launcher. The Ground launcher includes the existing SPIKE CLU, the new ICLU (Integrated Control Launch Unit) and the vehicle mounted VMLS configuration (Vehicle Missile Launching System), mounted on multiple turrets and weapon stations around the world. As far as aerial launch, the SPIKE LR II can be fired from helicopter SPIKE Launchers and fixed wing platforms. The SPIKE LR II is also integrated to naval weapon stations like all other SPIKE family members. This commonality is highly significant, as it will reduce the weapon LCC, enabling customers to use their existing SPIKE launchers. The Spike LR can be launched from Ground tripod, Light wheeled vehicles, LAVs, Marine vessels, helicopters.

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  • Enhanced Lethality against all types of targets.
  • Reduced Round weight for excellent weight to lethality ratio.
  • Reduced launcher weight.
  • Full commonality to all SPIKE Missile launchers (ground, air, sea).
  • Lethality: Highly capable tandem HEAT
  • warhead: Smart multipurpose warhead
  • Range: Ground launch:5.5 km and Aerial launch: 10km
  • Modes of operation: Fire & Forget / Fire & observe / Fire to target coordinates.
  • Data link for Man in the loop: Fiber optic for ground launch RF for Aerial launch

The Spike LR II has been exported to Germany, Estonia, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland, India, Singapore, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, South Korea, Solvenia and United Kingdom.

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