Indonesia called off Su-35 negotiation with Russia

Indonesia criticized the Russian Su-35 as a futile fighter jet amid a contract with Russia.

Despite Indonesia’s keen desire to acquire a large batch of Russian Su-35 fighters, this country unexpectedly sharply criticized Russian combat aircraft, stressing that they are not only very expensive, but also completely useless in aerial combat reports IndoAviation.

The Indonesian side concerned of the high cost of Russian Su-35 (fourth generation ++) fighters, comparable to the price for one American F-35 which is a stealth fifth generation fighter jet, the Russian combat aircraft which is not a fifth-generation fighter, has a lot of shortcomings. Among the main ones, in Indonesia, an outdated airframe based on Su-27 was identified. The presence of a passive radar, large dimensions with high Radar Cross Section, the absence of “stealth” technology, etc.

Indonesia pointed out recent failures by Russian-made Su-30mki fighters jet against US-made F-16C aircraft in Kashmir skirmish. It was reported in Indian media that Indian Su-30mki radar failed to lock on Pakistani F-16C in Kashmir Skirmish.

Indonesia raised a lot of questions regarding the capability of Su-35 in an actual combat and deferred further negotiations with Russia.

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