Air Platform

CAIC Zhishengji-10 (Z-10) Attack Helicopter

The weak performance of WZ-9 turboshaft engines, which purportedly prevents the Z-10 from carrying its maximum weapons payload, including up to 16 HJ-10 anti-tank missiles, made the Pakistan Army decide against procuring the helicopter and opt for the T129 ATAK multirole attack helicopter instead in 2018. […]

Infantry Weapons

MBDA-Thales Eurosam SAMP/T Air Defense System: The most advanced missile defense systems

Italian-French consortium “Eurosam” offering the “SAMP/T” system that uses Aster 30 Block 1 missiles. SAMP-T with its technological superior over any other modern air defense systems. The SAMP/T is technically compatible with the weapons, systems and platforms used by NATO countries. The SAMP/T is a theatre anti-missile system designed to protect battlefield and sensitive tactical sites, so Aster-30 Block-1 seemed to fulfill the requirements of France and Italy, and exported to Singapore and Azerbaijan. […]