Royal Air Force’s Typhoon Aircraft Landed On Highway In Finland

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets from Lincolnshire have landed on a regular road in a drill to see if they could outmanoeuvre an enemy.

They landed and took off from a single-lane road in Tervo, Finland, usually used for cars and lorries.

The aim was to test if the aircraft could survive an attack and continue operating from a remote location with minimal support.

Crews from RAF Coningsby took part in the exercise.

This is the first time the RAF has taken part in the exercise, which is an established part of the Finnish Air Force’s routine flying training.

One of the two pilots to take part said: “The Finnish have worked hard for decades on disparate operations should they be attacked and need to disperse their aircraft.

“Once we landed on the strip we stopped to refuel before taking off again, I couldn’t help but look around and think I am sitting in a jet on a road in the middle of a forest in Finland.

“That was pretty crazy and definitely a first.”

Commenting on the exercise, officials said Russia’s aggression in Eastern Europe “reminded us all of the need to be able to disperse our aircraft and be more unpredictable”.

They added: “That’s why we are completing exercises such as this.”

The RAF Typhoons were operating out of Rissala Air Base and Tervo Road Base for the trials.

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