Hungary deploys Israeli-made ELM-2084 air defense radar system

The new Israeli ELM-2084 mobile S-Band radar has apparently been installed at the radar squadron of the Hungarian Defense Forces Air Operation Command and Control Center, as the image of the new equipment breaks the hilly woodland panorama of the settlement of Kup (western Hungary), reported on its Facebook page.

According to their post, the new equipment, eleven of which were purchased by the Defense Forces under the Defense and Military Development Program, seems to have arrived and is now in operation. The new tools come in different configurations, so in addition to the airspace control and gap-filling role, they will also be suitable for air defense and artillery weapon location (WLR) missions.

As Magyar Nemzet reports, the contract for the procurement of the ELM-2084 radars under the development program was signed in December 2020. The equipment incorporates the Israeli company IAI ELTA’s “active phase-guided” (AESA) radar technology, and will replace the old Soviet P-37, PRV-17, and SZT-68U radars of the Hungarian Defense Forces.

In addition to the radars, the two parties have also agreed on industrial cooperation:

It is planned for the production and complete final assembly of some of the components of the military equipment to be carried out in Hungary at the Defense Forces’ specialized plant for air defense systems in Nyírtelek (northeastern Hungary).
The system integration of the new Israeli radars will be carried out by the Canadian subsidiary of Rheinmetall, a German defense industry group with close links to Hungarian force development.

The ELM-2084 ordered by Hungary is a so-called multi-mission mobile radar system. According to a description published by the manufacturer, the radar uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a three-dimensional, real-time aerial situational picture even in complex conditions. The radar is capable of continuous airborne reconnaissance with 360-degree, all-around coverage and a maximum reconnaissance range of 470 kilometers, processing data from up to 1,100 airborne targets simultaneously. With its existing and if required, additional integrable data link systems, it can control interceptors of various missile defense and air defense systems.

When used as an artillery weapon location radar, the ELM-2084 can determine the point of impact of various grenades, artillery shells, missiles, and launch sites up to a range of 120 degrees and a range of 100 kilometers. It can track 200 targets per minute and can also be used to control counter-attacks by its own artillery if required. The equipment can be installed on an all-terrain vehicle and transported by air.

The Czech and Slovak armies in the region have also decided to deploy the ELM-2084. In addition to Israel, which also deploys it in its Iron Dome system, Canada, Singapore, Finland, Vietnam, and India have also installed the system.

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