Anti-Putin Russian partisan set chemical factory, military surveillance equipment factory and oil refinery on fire

On Tuesday, May 14, in the Russian Novocheboksarsk (Chuvashia), the Khimprom chemical plant associated with the Russian occupation army exploded.

The footage is available on the Ukraine 365 Telegram channel.

The Russian authorities are still silent. Judging by the footage published by eyewitnesses, the fire has already covered large areas of the plant.

Plumes of black smoke rise over the city. Casualties in the fire have not yet been reported. Also, during the Soviet era, the Khimprom chemical plant was involved in the production of chemical weapons. Currently, it produces more than 200 types of chemical components; some are used in producing weapons, including body armour and helmets.

An electrical substation on the premises of ‘Progress’ defense contractor’s factory, which manufactures military surveillance and communications equipment, was set on fire by partisans in the Moscow regions.

The West has sanctioned Limited Liability Company Siaisi (CIC). Limited Liability Company Siaisi (CIC) is a Russia-based company that primarily deals with electronic and optical equipment as well as computers and related equipment. CIC is owned by Russian Federation national Tatyana Grigoryevna Ivanova (Ivanova), who also serves as the general director of CIC. Ivanova is also the general director and owner of Kyrgyz Republic-based wholesaler OSOO Progress Lider (Progress Lider), which was established in March 2022 and has made numerous shipments to CIC.

Another seven drones attacked the oil depot of LLC “Temp” – fuel oil is stored here. Three tanks were burnt as a result of the attack.

The local authorities, particularly the Krasnodar Territory’s operational headquarters, officially confirmed that drones struck an oil depot in Yurovka.

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