Massive explosions rip through Russian air base in Crimea as Ukraine launches ten ATACMS missiles

The missile attack at the strategic Belbek military airfield in occupied Crimea

Ukraine pelted a key Russian air base with ten missiles in an overnight onslaught.

The Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea was struck near Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea headquarters in a humiliating blow to the despot. Some ten powerful long-range ATACMS missiles were unleashed on the annexed peninsula in a “massive attack”.

Putin’s regime was forced to admit they had been hit but blustered that the attack was “repelled”.

Despite the claims, Ukrainian monitoring group Crimean wind reported: “An hour after the end of the missile attack on the Belbek airfield, the number of fires in the aircraft parking area became many times larger.

“And the fires themselves became stronger.” There was reported damage to the runway.  Local residents confirmed fires at the base, it was reported.

The formidable ballistic missiles used by Ukraine can reach distances of up to 300 km. Belbek airbase is home to Vlad’s prized Su-27 and Su-30s jets – used in Russian onslaughts against Ukraine.

ATACMS strikes destroyed one MiG-31 aircraft, damaged three Su-27s and destroyed two S-400 missile systems.

Putin’s lapdog in Sevastopol, governor Mikhail Razvozhayev, raged that an effort was underway to “repel an attack by Ukrainian Nazis”.

He claimed: “According to preliminary reports, air defences have already downed several projectiles over the sea and near Belbek airfield.

“All the city services have been put on high alert. “Members of the Sevastopol rescue service have put out a fire caused by falling projectile fragments near the village of Polyushko.”

Meanwhile Kyiv’s forces continue to pelt Putin’s strongholds in mainland Russia. A suspected attack destroyed a power station supplying a top secret Federal Security Service (FSB) secret service plant yesterday.

The Progress plant in the Zheleznodorozhny-Balashikha region develops sophisticated communications and security equipment for the Russian army. A man came to the entrance of the facility threatening to “kill everyone” before fleeing, according to reports.

Security guards pressed a panic button, but the ‘saboteur’ fled before the police arrived. Later a fire ignited at the power station on the territory of the FSB’s Progress plant, following an explosion.

Despite the impressive blow to Vlad’s base last night, Ukrainian generals have warned the world that their stockpiles are running low. Kyiv’s forces are fighting to contain Putin’s fresh invasion in the north of the country, near its second biggest city Kharkiv.

General Kyrylo Budanov, boss of Kyiv’s military intelligence said: “I’ve used everything we have. “Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone else in the reserves.” Putin’s troops have already taken miles of ground in their fastest advance in months.

The blitz, said to be the first stage of Russia’s summer offensive, is designed to stretch Ukraine’s already outnumbered defenders.

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