S-400 Failed Again: Ukraine Blew Up Russian Military’s HQ in Kherson Using UK-made Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles

Ukraine forces reportedly hit a Russian military HQ in the occupied Kherson region. photo Credit: East2West

Ukraine has reportedly used two UK-made Storm Shadow missiles to blow up a military HQ once visited by Vladimir Putin in a rare trip to the frontline.

The military head quarter was protected by Russian S-400 air defense systems and Nebo-SVU air defense radar. Still, Storm Shadow stealth cruise missiles penetrated heavily defended military HQ.

The British-made firepower hit the recreation centre used by Russia’s military close to the occupied Kherson region, Ukrainian forces said.

Destroyed Nebo-SVU radar. Screen capture from Ukrainian MoD video.

Ambulances were reportedly at the scene, with Kremlin reports admitting to one woman killed in the strike at Henichesk.

The base was strategically positioned near Arabat Spit, a thin strip of land linking occupied Kherson region to the Crimean peninsula.

One report citing locals said: “Everything is closed now, there are many ambulances and fire appliances.”

Putin had supposedly been to the building during a wider surprise visit in April when he met with his military commanders.

Vladimir Putin visit Russian military’s HQ in occupied city of Kherson.

The alleged trip triggered strong suspicions that he had used a body double to stand in for him, since he did not dare travel to the war zone himself amid paranoia over assassination attempts.

Until recently receiving UK-supplied Storm Shadow missiles, Ukraine has not had long-range precision missiles.

Russia chose Henichesk as a makeshift capital of occupied Kherson region because it was out of range of Ukrainian missiles – at the time.

Israeli-made kamikaze drone destroyed Russian Nebo-M VHF radar in the Nagorno-Karabah conflict.

Russian national guards were also stationed at the base, it was reported.

Vladimir Saldo, the Putin-appointed governor of Kherson region, said the strike was “another confirmation of the barbarism and inhumanity of the London-controlled Kyiv regime”.

He further claimed: “Wreckage of a Storm Shadow missile that was aimed at children’s recreation camp Dnepryany.

“One missile was shot down but two were able to reach their target.

“As a result, one person was killed and another was injured.”

Despite his claims, Ukrainian news outlet Pravda said the base was for servicemen of the Russian Guard.

Saldo continued: “Pinpoint strikes are carried out by British missiles delivered to the Kyiv regime for ‘peace’ on civilian infrastructure.

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