Senegal awarded Piriou a contract to build three OPV58 S

The Ministry of the Armed Forces of Senegal and the PIRIOU group have signed today, in the presence of the President of the Republic of Senegal and the delegation Ministerial Council, a contract for the acquisition of three patrol officers oceanic vessels intended for the Senegalese National Navy. As soon as this contract comes into force, scheduled for early 2020, the PIRIOU group will launch the construction program for these three patrollers, spread over a period of 44 months, followed by a period of support in Senegal.

SENEGAL signs a contract with PIRIOU on the acquisition of three offshore patrol vessels.

This activity will be further reinforced during of the arrival of future OPV58 whose After-Sales Service and maintenance will be provided by the entity PIRIOU NGOM SENEGAL.

The OPS 58 S is built on aluminum/steel hull with steel superstructure. The “OPV 58 S” (Offshore Patrol Vessel) is a versatile 62m patrol boat, robust and enduring dedicated to surveillance, identification and intervention, perfectly responding to the variety of missions linked to the Action of the State at Sea. In addition to its projection capabilities (boats commandos), it has a first-rate deterrent capacity thanks to its anti-surface and anti-aircraft weapon systems.


Among the major innovations and capabilities of the ship:

  • a very versatile design to configure the ship for different missions
  • a large 360 ​​° panoramic walkway
  • a quick launch / recovery system by AR ramp of 2 boats.
  • a C-Sharp hull: optimized autonomy and handling at sea


  • Overall length 62.20 m
  • Width 9.50 m
  • Max draft. 2.90 m
  • Speed ​​21 knots
  • Endurance 25 days
  • Ship Complement: 48. of which 24 of which mission staff 24
  • 2 boats on AR ramps
  • 1x Deck-mounted gun
  • 4x Exocet SSM missile

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