Israeli super weapon Arrow anti-air missile shows 100 percent efficacy against Iranian missiles

Israel recently announced the successful interception of a majority of surface-to-surface missiles targeting its territory, thanks to the Arrow aerial defense system, in conjunction with allied support.

According to Israeli authorities, the Arrow Defense System, alongside numerous Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets and allies, intercepted the majority of incoming missiles before they breached Israeli airspace. Despite this success, a small number of hits were identified, resulting in “minor damage” to infrastructure at an IDF base in southern Israel.

The Arrow Defense System, also known as Hetz, represents a critical component of Israel’s missile defense architecture. Developed in collaboration with the United States, the Arrow system is specifically designed to counter ballistic missile threats more effectively than previous systems, such as the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile.

Deployed to intercept long-range missiles, including those launched by hostile actors like Iran, the Arrow system operates beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, providing an essential layer of defense against incoming threats. Notably, the system has been utilized during the current conflict to intercept long-range missiles launched by Houthi militants in Yemen.

Comprising the Arrow family of anti-missile interceptors, including Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 variants, along with sophisticated radar and command-and-control infrastructure, the Arrow Defense System ensures comprehensive coverage and rapid response capabilities. Key components include the Elta EL/M-2080 “Green Pine” and “Great Pine” early-warning radars, the Elisra “Golden Citron” C3I center, and the Israel Aerospace Industries “Brown Hazelnut” launch control center. This integrated system is highly mobile, allowing for swift deployment to prepared sites as needed.

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