Israel’s F-35I fighters defend national airspace amid Iran attack

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recently showcased the operational prowess of its newest F-35I Adir stealth fighter jets, revealing how these advanced aircraft are pivotal in safeguarding the country’s airspace.

Amidst a direct drone and missile attack posed by Iran, the IDF released footage depicting the F-35I Adir jets returning to Nevatim Airbase after successfully intercepting hostile incursions directed towards Israel.

“We intercepted 99% of the threats directed towards Israeli territory,” stated IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari. “This is a substantial strategic achievement, countering approximately 170 unmanned aerial vehicles launched by Iran, with zero penetrations into Israeli territory.”

The F-35I fighters with F-15is were not only deployed to repel airborne attacks but also conducted preemptive strikes against military installations belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Khiam and Kafr Kila regions in Lebanon.

The F-35I variant, tailored for the Israeli Air Force, incorporates Israeli-developed systems, enhancing its capabilities for the unique operational requirements of the region. Deliveries of the F-35I commenced in June 2016, provided to Israel as military aid.

Israel’s current procurement plans include the acquisition of 50 F-35I aircraft by 2024, with potential additional orders for 25 fifth-generation fighters in the future. These advanced aircraft play a critical role in Israel’s defense strategy, ensuring its ability to effectively respond to evolving security challenges and maintain air superiority in the region.

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