Ukrainian Paratroopers Wiped Out Dozens Of Russian Elite Commandos In Eastern Donetsk

Ukrainian paratroopers from 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade claimed to have killed more than 50 commandos of Russia’s elite airborne force in the battle in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region.

The footage, obtained from the Ukrainian paratroopers, shows a number of people, reportedly Russian soldiers, with destroyed Russian armoured vehicles which were attempted to advance into the Ukrainian-held territory.

“This battle, near the town of *., began at two in the morning, when an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group approached the positions of the paratroopers,” the Ukrainian military said on Facebook. “Our guys noticed the saboteurs and fire from automatic firearms, forced them to retreat.”

The Ukrainian paratroopers stated that Russians a little later made another attempt with armored vehicles.

“During the battle, which lasted until 2 pm, the Ukrainian Soldiers set fire to the Russian BMD with an NLAW grenade launcher and killed a total of about 50 paratroopers of the 104th so-called “Guards” airborne assault regiment of the 76th Infantry Division assigned to the Pskov airborne assault division, which is considered elite in the Russian armed forces,” the message added.

Russian Airborne Troops, a ‘Z’ military’s most capable forces, commonly referred to collectively by the acronym VDV, are among those that suffered the greatest losses, since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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