Hackers Hacked United Aircraft Corporation Website

The website of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Sukhoi is temporarily down due to a hacker attack. Earlier, a message appeared on it criticizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine, but now the web resource is unavailable. UAC CEO Yuri Slyusar called the hacking of the site an example of an information war against Russia and the Russian aircraft industry.

Global Defense Corp reached out to UAC to comment on recent cyber-attacks, UAC refrain s from releasing a statement about the incident.

During negotiations with Post Soviet Russian President Yeltsin, the head of the then Sukhoi OKB managed to convince the Russian Federation’s President to choose his firm’s designs as the primary fighter aircraft of the Russian Federation. The mass of earlier MiGs and Sukhois were relegated to the dustbin of history, hence such fire sale prices for items no longer necessary in time of peace.

As the Chaos of the 90s gave way to the “Stability” of Putin’s Russia, the survivors of the economic carnage of the 90s coalesced into what is now known as the United Aircraft Corporation, which encompasses the entire Soviet Aircraft Industry. Export sales of Sukhoi 27 series fighter aircraft kept both the Sukhoi OKB and relevant factories solvent, and enabled the firm to establish itself as THE Dominant Russian Design Bureau. Ironically, this capitalist free enterprise success enabled Sukhoi to have the funding to develop the Su-57, latest series of Sukhoi Fighter Aircraft. Meanwhile the MiG OKB is but a subsidiary division in the Russian Aerospace Industry beast dominated by Sukhoi.

Sukhoi remains the only profitable company under unified United Aircraft Corporation. Increased hostility between Ukraine and Russia leaves Russia’s aircraft industry vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

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