Serbia tests M-84 AS1 upgraded tanks

According to Minister Vulin, the prototype of the upgraded M-84 AS1 tank has shown that Serbia is on the right track and that its designers came up with good ideas. « We will put in a great deal of effort in ensuring that our tanks, or at least the majority of them, are upgraded to such a level that they can use appropriate ammunition and technical solutions and be able to confront any tank in Serbia’s environment. Serbia is a tank force, but it should not only be so in terms of numbers, but also in terms of technical solutions and crews, emphasized Minister Vulin.

Speaking about key segments of upgrading the M-84 tank, Assistant Minister for Material Resources, Nenad Miloradović, PhD, said that the modernization of this tank and modernization of the infantry combat vehicle are two most important projects of combat equipment modernization for the Army. « Most of the new and upgraded weapons, which aim to enhance the capabilities of our infantry and artillery units, have already been completed in terms of development. Now, zero series are being introduced into the armament, which means that the initial equipment of units is underway, which completes the first phase of renewing the armaments of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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M-84 AS1 prototype (Picture source: Serbian MoD)

According to Miloradović, design tests of the upgraded M-84 AS1 tank are a very large endeavor, which includes a large number of upgraded subsystems that were added to the tank, whose purpose is to increase the level of tank protection against the most modern types of armor-piercing weapons, as well as to increase the crew’s situational awareness and upgrade the tank commander’s equipment.

In addition to the command and control information system, appropriate communication and computer systems, the tank is also fitted with a new remotely controlled combat station, which gives it a completely new quality in combat and provides a much higher level of protection and combat effectiveness. We believe that this modernization will significantly enhance the capabilities of our armoured and mechanized units, Miloradović emphasizes and says that this is not the end of the development process « because we are simultaneously working on phase two, designated as an upgraded M-84 AS2 tank, which includes several more new subsystems that will additionally and significantly enhance the capabilities of our tank units.

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