Ukrainian Patriot missile shot down Su-34 fighter-bomber again

Ukraine shot down a Su-34 bomber in Bakhmut. Photo Reuters.

Ukraine’s Air Force has shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, said Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of Ukraine’s Air Force, on Telegram.

Oleshchuk said in a Telegram post, “One down, we keep working. The crew of the Su-34 has joined our Eternal flight, brothers!”.

Oleshchuk said he had “good results from unbiased monitoring”.

Ukrainska Pravda found that the warplane had been shot down on the Eastern front.

“We will eat the Russian bear in small pieces. Together to victory! P.S. Rumours say that I have been in a bad mood lately. I have no reason to be! It’s just great with this kind of combat work!” Oleshchuk concluded.

Which is why, even as the Ukrainians scream, beg and politic for more munitions, they’ve shot down as many as six Russian fighter-bombers in just the last three days. A rate of loss the Russian air force cannot sustain.

“Russian planes continue to fall!” the Ukrainian defense ministry crowed on Monday. The claimed tally includes four twin-seat Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers and two single-seat Sukhoi Su-35s.

The Su-34s are the Russian air force’s best supersonic strike planes. Lately they mostly have flown close-air-support missions—streaking high and fast toward the front line and lobbing KAB precision glide-bombs from as far away as 25 miles.

The supersonic Su-35s are air-superiority fighters: they escort the Su-34s.

The Ukrainians bagged the first three Sukhois on Saturday as the jets were flying 60 miles east of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine, apparently lining up for a glide-bombing raid on the Ukrainian troops retreating from that ruined city.

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