Biden Administration Announced New Military Aid To Ukraine, Included HIMARS, Patriot Missile and Howitzers

U.S. authorities have officially announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. It includes for the first time DPICM cluster munitions of 155mm calibre, as the White House recently announced.

The US will send a new batch of Stryker armoured personnel carriers and M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine along with additional ammunition, rockets and interceptors for air defence systems. More details on the capacity of the package can be found below:

  • missiles for the MIM-104 Patriot;
  • AIM-7 missiles;
  • Stinger surface-to-air missile systems;
  • GMLRS rockets for HIMARS;
  • 31 155 mm howitzers;
  • 155 mm artillery shells, including DPCIM cluster munitions;
  • 105 mm artillery shells;
  • 32 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 32 Stryker armoured personnel carriers;
  • TOW missiles;
  • Javelin anti-tank missile systems;
  • Penguin unmanned aerial systems;
  • 37 tactical vehicles;
  • small arms and 28 million rounds of ammunition;
  • demining and obstacle clearance equipment;
  • other equipment.

The new military aid package is estimated at $800 million. The weapons will not be transferred as part of the USAI programme, which means that all of the above will soon be delivered to Ukraine.

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