Ukraine captured 30 T-90M Proryv Tank in Avdiivka and Donetsk

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have integrated 30 Russian T-90M tanks after their capture. The Command of the Logistics Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly relaid this information.

Valery Shershen, a spokesperson for the Command, confirmed the registration of these tanks during a press statement. Additionally, the Ukrainian forces have also taken possession of a T-62M and a T-62MV tank, both model 2022, which belonged to the Russian occupying forces.

The T-90M is a latest-generation Russian main battle tank, distinguished by its advanced capabilities and modernized design compared to its predecessors. Recently incorporated into the arsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces following their capture, these model 2022 tanks symbolize a significant technological turning point. Valery Shershen, the spokesperson for the Command of the Logistics Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, highlighted the registration of these vehicles as an indication of their operational state or potential to be repaired for future engagements. This registration process is crucial, as it assesses the tanks’ ability to effectively contribute to combat operations.

The T-90M tanks are particularly noted for their stealth technology, a feature that makes them difficult to detect by thermal imagers, an uncommon and highly sought-after capability on modern battlefields. This advanced technology provides a significant tactical advantage, allowing the T-90M to operate with increased discretion and surprise the adversary. Therefore, integrating these tanks into the Ukrainian Armed Forces strengthens their firepower and enhances their strategic and concealment capabilities. With their capture and incorporation, these T-90M tanks, which Vladimir Putin described as unique and powerful, add a new dimension to Ukraine’s defensive and offensive approach, reflecting the ongoing evolution of military equipment on the ground.

The Logistics Forces Command explained that the registration of captured tanks indicates they are either in working condition or repairable for use in future combat operations. “They are generally registered if there is potential for their deployment in combat,” Valery Shershen said.

The capture of Russian tanks is not a novelty in itself, but the official integration of Russia’s most sophisticated tanks into the Ukrainian armed forces is nevertheless significant. However, the integration of just two tanks, regardless of how modern they may be, is insufficient to impact the battlefield. For example, the integration of several dozen Leopard 1A5s would have a much more significant impact than just 30 T-90Ms, despite the latter being much more modern.

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