Putinism In Danger: Russian Victory Day Parade During National Tragedy Of Coronavirus

The millions of Russian confined to their apartments and a global pandemic ushering in a period of self-isolation, preparations for the parade have raised concerns in Russia. The millions of Russians are bracing for health crisis with no support from the states and hospitals.

Defence ministry presses on with plans for 9 May event with 15,000 troops, despite coronavirus pandemic.

A leaked video has shown up to 15,000 soldiers lined up on a parade grounds outside Moscow, where Russia’s defence ministry has confirmed that it is holding rehearsals for the event, most recently on 1 April.

“How many people are there, 15,000? Fuck, and they’ve said no more than 50 are supposed to gather in one place. Not one fucking mask,” said one voice on the video, which was shot anonymously.

The President of Russian President, Vladimir Putin himself has done much to promote that idea. His annual speech to the assembled troops is part of the ceremony. This is the Putin promoter showcases Putin brand and great opportunity for brainwashing and propaganda message to millions poor Russians that they’re still the super power and Vladimir Putin is the savior of Russian Federation.

There are 11,917 Russians currently tested positive to COVID-19 and 97 recently died of the pandemic.

That is the question facing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and his administration. With a month to go to Moscow’s military showpiece of the year, the Russian capital is in lockdown—part of measures taken to combat the rising number of coronavirus infections.

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