A-Darter Air-to-air Guided Missile

The A-Darter is a leading wingtip fifth-generation Imaging Infrared (IIR) SRAAM air-to-air missile system. It has a lock-on after launch and memory tracking with the latest processing capabilities.

The A-Darter may be designated to a target by using the aircraft’s radar, a helmet sight or the missile’s very effective autonomous scan feature if radar silence is required.

The seeker’s large look-angles and the airframe’s agility enable high off-bore sight helmet designated firings. Long-range intercepts beyond IR detection range are also possible with the lock-on after launch capability of the A-Darter.

The 20 km range A-Darter can be designated onto a target through the

Aircraft Integration

The A-Darter missile can be integrated on the latest and older generation aircraft platforms. It has already been integrated on the JAS-39 E/F Gripen. Integration on the Hawk Mk 120 is under way. Technical DataLength : 2 980 mmDiameter : 166 mmMass : 93 kg System FeaturesA-Darter is a leading wingtip mounted fifth-generation Imaging Infrared (IIR) SRAAM that will enhance your platform’s lethality.

Designed by Denel Dynamics (co-funded by Brazil), utilising its 50 years of air-to-air missile experience.High agility (thrust vector controlled) to handle the closest of close combats.

Key Features

A two-colour thermal imaging seeker with high sensitivity and a multi-mode ECCM suite.

Advanced digital processing capability ensures improved performance in terms of image detection, false target rejection, ECCM, guidance and control.

launch aircraft’s radar, the missile’s infrared seeker head or by helmet-mounted sight.

A high look angle means it can engage targets next to or even behind the launch aircraft.

The 20 km range A-Darter can be designated onto a target through the lock-on after launch (with an inertial measurement unit providing mid-course guidance) allows the missile to engage targets beyond infrared detection range.

A two-colour seeker and decoy rejection software means the missile is highly resistant to jamming.


Brazil’s Avibras helped develop the rocket motor, OptoEletronica assisted with the seeker head and Mectron (now part of Odebrecht Defence and Technology) brings experience as the manufacturer of all Brazil’s missiles.


Denel has also planned a product roadmap. An A-Darter Mk.II would reportedly feature seeker acquisition, target tracking, and decoy countermeasures upgrades. A-Darter Mk.III would be full a mid-life update, and is likely to add extended range.

A-darter for Gripen E/F

On October 1 2019, the Brazilian Air Force has accepted the data package and type certificate of Denel Dynamics’ A-Darter air-to-air missile (AAM), signaling the closure of the project’s development cycle.

The Denel Dynamics handed over the A-Darted projects to Brazilian Air Force with completion certificate. Now the A-darter will formally be used as part of Brazilian Air Force Gripen E/F.

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