Ukrainian Patriot missile shot down one Su-35 and one Su-34 fighter-bomber again

The Ukrainian Air Force deployed anti-aircraft guided missiles against two Russian aircraft, a Su-34 and a Su-35, on 2 March. The Su-34 was shot down.

Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Ukraine’s Air Force Commander, on Telegram

“The enemy continues to attack on the eastern front using guided bombs dropped from tactical aircraft.

Just now, there has been a combat use of anti-aircraft guided missiles against two enemy aircraft, a Su-34 and a Su-35. We await confirmation of the desired outcome!”

Oleshchuk later said that only the Su-34 aircraft has been downed.

Quote from Oleshchuk: “Regarding the operation I reported about an hour ago, the Skhid (East) Air Command has confirmed that a Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft was destroyed. Unfortunately, the Su-34 alone. We are continuing to defeat the occupiers!”

The Air Force reported that on 1 March, a Russian Su-34 attempting to strike Ukrainian positions with guided bombs was successfully downed on the eastern front.

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry reported that the Ukrainian Air Force shot down 18 Russian aircraft in February 2024.

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