Taiwanese PAC3 missile shot down Chinese Su-35s fighter jet

Chinese jet allegedly brought down by Taiwanese military on September 4 (image via Twitter)

The Su-35S fighter was shot down by the Taiwanese Patriot missile defense system. Multiple videos circulating on Twitter shows a jet engulfed in thick smoke. The video of Su-35 crashing at an unknown building in Taiwan.

According to reports that a Chinese Air Force Su-35S fighter that had invaded Taiwan’s airspace had been shot down by the Patriot missile defense system. The violation of Taiwan’s airspace was recorded for only 28 seconds, however, this was enough for an anti-aircraft guided missile to shoot down a combat aircraft.

PLA Air Force’s pilot rescued by Taiwanese people.

The Russian news agency Avia.pro has obtained unique video footage of the crash site of a Chinese combat aircraft. It is reported that the pilot was unable to return the airspace of the PRC, when the plane was already hit by missile and the pilot ejected but the pilot was seriously injured.

Taiwanese Patriot PAC3 missile launcher.

This is the first case of the loss of a Su-35 fighter when countering air defense means, experts expect a very serious escalation of the situation, including full-scale hostilities, however, at the time of the crash of the Su-35, the combat aircraft was in Taiwanese airspace.

The US military has reported that it confirms the violation of the airspace of the PRC and has appropriate evidence of this.

In 2019, Russia completed the deliveries of Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to China under a contract signed in November 2015. 

The contract worth $2 billion made China the first foreign buyer of the aircraft. The Su-35S supersonic fighter jet made its first flight on February 19, 2008, and is an upgraded derivative of the Su-27 plane also known as Su-27M in Russia.

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Last month, Chinese state media threatened to conduct a “military mission” till September 4 in the north of the Taiwan Strait following which Taipei warned Beijing against any attempt to annex the democratic island nation.

Global Times said that China’s Maritime Safety Administration had announced that it was going to conduct a “military mission from Friday to September 4 in the Bohai Strait and the northern Yellow Sea”.

Taipei Times recently reported that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) does not possess the military capability to wage an all-out war against Taiwan due to demanding geological environment of the Taiwan Strait and high-tech American weaponry of Taiwanese Air Force.

According to a report published by Chinese Military expert, Yang Sheng said that experts in China believe that Russian avionics and electronics design still lacks modern cutting-edge solid-state technology, — Taiwanese MIM Patriot’s AN/MPQ-65 radar detected the aircraft and Taiwanese crews was able to launch a PAC3 missile at Su-35 in just 28 seconds proves that Russian L175M Khibiny-M electronic countermeasures system fitted on to Su-35s was useless while the aircraft was hit by the missile.

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A report ‘The China Military Power Report 2020’ by the Ministry of National Defense said that the PLA lacks the landing vehicles and logistics required for launching an incursion into Taiwan via the Taiwan Strait.

“If Beijing were to wage a war now, its combat plans could take the form of military intimidation, blockades, firepower strikes and landing operations,” the report said.

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