Russian Soldiers Surrender Fully Operational Tanks and Defect to Ukrainian Side For $10,000

A Russian armored corps member has surrendered to the Ukrainian Army and handed over his fully operable tank for a $10,000 reward, food and the promise of Ukrainian citizenship.

 The soldier saw a text message broadcast by the Ukrainain authories with the Kyiv regime’s offer that guaranteed safety, a financial reward, as well as potential Ukrainian citizenship once the war is over.

The information was shared by Viktor Andrusiv, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs. “A few days ago I wrote of the news that finally exposes the split in the Russian army. Now I can elaborate. I wanted to show you the video, but our special services asked me not to. A Russian soldier handed us his tank for a reward,” Andrusiv said.

Over the past few weeks, the Ukrainian National Police has identified the phone numbers used by Russian forces – and these were Ukrainian numbers. He clarified that messages are constantly sent to these numbers with instructions on how to surrender and hand over their equipment.

The Russian soldier identified as “’Misha’ “called us a few days ago. We passed information about him to the GUR military intelligence. A meeting point was designated. As he approached, a drone monitored the area to make sure this is not an ambush set-up. After that, our spec-ops forces detained him. It turned out that his tank crew mates had fled home, leaving him behind. He saw no point in continuing to fight,” the adviser said.

The Russian soldier said he could not return home as his commander threatened to shoot him and write him off as combat loss.

“’Misha’ also told us that they were practically out of food stocks, while the management of their unit was chaotic and almost non-existent. Demoralization levels are enormous. As for Misha, he has received rather comfortable conditions. He will also receive $10,000 after the war ends, as well as the opportunity to apply for citizenship,” said the minister’s adviser.

Andrusiv noted that until the end of the war, this man will live in a comfortable location, provided with basic necessities, such as a television set, a phone, a kitchen, and a shower.

Meanwhile, some $1 million has been promised to those who fly fighter jets into the custody of the Ukrainian army and $500,000 for helicopters, announced Yuri Gusev, the CEO of Ukraine’s central state military company.

In a Facebook post, Gusev said the offer is open to everyone who is ready to support the Ukrainian army and asked users to spread the message through social media. The CEO said it will pay $1 million for “every combat-capable stolen or trophy” aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and $500,000 for “every combat helicopter.”

Ukraine claims some 500 Russian tanks have been captured so far. In several cases, the Russian tank crew simply abandoned their tanks and fled as they were out of rations and did not have the will to fight.

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