Pakistan in talks with China to purchase L-15 trainer aircraft

UAE’s L-15 spotted within China prior to delivery missing the aircraft’s serial number. (Photo Weibo)

During the 2023 Dubai Airshow, China’s Hongdu Aircraft Company confirmed that Pakistan is engaged in formal negotiations to acquire light attack aircraft from China.

This potential acquisition aims to replace the aging F-7PG fighters currently used by the Pakistan Air Force for combat pilot conversion.

According to Hongdu, Pakistan wants to buy a light attack aircraft version of the L-15 trainer.

The armed variant of the L-15 boasts nine hardpoints capable of carrying approximately three tons of weaponry, strategically distributed across its fuselage and wings. Its arsenal includes the LS-6 250kg laser-guided bombs, augmenting its ground attack capabilities.

A customer can opt-in to add a suite of Chinese-made phased array radar that enables an anti-aircraft role, complemented by the integration of SD-10 air-to-air missiles and PL-8 infrared-guided short-range missiles.

The aircraft is powered by two Ukrainian-made AI-222K-25 turbofan engines. Further range extension options involve fuel drop tanks, enhancing its 500km combat radius for increased operational efficiency and on-station flight duration.

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