Myanmar unveils locally developed MMT-40 light tanks

During a national parade in 2023, Myanmar Army introduced a locally developed light tank armed with 105 mm rifled gun.

Although many sources referred the light tank as MMT-40, no official name has been announced so far.

The light tank is essentially a tracked version of the WMA-301 Assaulter wheeled tank destroyer.

The concept of the new light tank of Myanmar seems to be largely inspired by the Norinco ST-2 light tank which was revealed in 2014 and never entered service.

The light tank of Myanmar is based on existing technologies, theredy reducing its development and production time and costs.

It uses chassis of the the legendary 2S1 122mm SPH while retaining the two men turret of the WMA-301.

The chassis of the 2S1 in turn based on the MT-LBu amphibious armoured vehicle which is also a derivative of MT-LB multi-purpose armoured vehicle.

The light tank is armed with a stabilized 105 mm rifled gun, a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, and roof-mounted 12.7 mm machine gun.

The chassis of the light tank is fitted with steel armour plates for additional protection. Its armor probably withstands hits from small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

With no panoramic sight and advanced fire control and observarion systems, the light tank lacks the hunter-killer capability, which is present on most modern light tanks.

Although the new light tank is relatively less advanced compare to the Chinese light tanks such as VT-5 of China and 2S25 Sprut-SD of Russia, it will fills the gap between the MBTs and wheeled tank destroyers of Myanmar Army.

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