An engine explosion caused the crash of the Su-27 in Crimea in March

The head of the flight safety service of the Russian Armed Forces, Sergei Bainetov, said that the reason for the crash of the Su-27 in the Crimea on March 25 was the explosion of an aircraft rocket engine after its descent during a training launch. Bainetov made the corresponding statement on the air of the Zvezda TV channel.

“The conclusions of the commission are unambiguous. The cause of the plane crash was the detonation of the rocket engine on the trajectory after its descent, ”Bainetov said.

The channel also showed footage of the lifting of aircraft wreckage from the bottom of the Black Sea, some of which contained inlets from fragments of rocket elements and traces of powder gases.

The military plane made an emergency landing at Yekaterinburg airport
Society Information about the crash of the Su-27 was received on the evening of March 25. The Ministry of Defense then reported that the Su-27 was performing a planned flight and fell into the water. The incident took place at about 20:10 50 km from Feodosia and the Crimean coast. A search and rescue operation continued for several days in the Black Sea , but it was not possible to find the pilot of the crashed plane.

Su-27 fighters have been in operation since the early 1980s. In Russia, they are in service with the Aerospace Forces and naval aviation.

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