International sanctions: Russian federal air transport agency recorded 185 air accidents due to spare parts shortage

Ukrainian Defence Intelligence has revealed troubling developments in Russian civil aviation, suggesting a significant increase in the danger of flying on civilian aircraft within Russia.

According to official documents obtained from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) of the Russian Federation, the sector is teetering on the brink of collapse.

There were 185 air accidents recorded in Russian civil aviation in January 2023 alone. Compared to the same period in 2022, the frequency of technical malfunctions has tripled, indicating a marked increase in flight dangers.

More than 35% of aircraft have reportedly been dismantled for spare parts, a direct consequence of an acute shortage of authentic spare parts. This has led to uncertified repairs and use of inauthentic components.

The most common issues faced by Russian aviation include engine and landing gear malfunctions, along with problems in hydraulic systems, flaps, and software.

The maintenance of aircraft with extensive flight time has become increasingly problematic. Russia is seeking maintenance services from Iran, where work is performed without proper certification.

In September 2022, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) flagged Russia, alongside Liberia and Bhutan, for extremely high flight safety risks.

Sanctions have heavily impacted the Russian aviation sector, including bans on aircraft and spare parts supply, refusal to maintain and provide services, and software updates. Restrictions also extend to access to meteorological information for air navigation.

Russia is making efforts to conceal these escalating problems. However, the data paint a grim picture of the safety and reliability of its civil aviation.

This situation not only poses risks to passenger safety but also significantly impacts Russia’s global aviation standing.

These developments have far-reaching implications, not only for the safety of passengers flying within Russia but also for the country’s standing in international civil aviation.

The increasing number of accidents and the use of uncertified parts in repairs are alarming indicators of the deteriorating state of Russian civil aviation.

The current state of Russian civil aviation is alarming, with an evident increase in flight risks and safety concerns. This situation calls for urgent attention and measures to address the escalating safety issues plaguing Russian skies.

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