Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones Strike At Russian Convoy As They Take A Nap

Russian tanks, top, were left stranded after the elite drone unit Aerorozvidka destroyed Russian supply trucks. “We strike at night, when Russians sleep,” its commander said.

An elite Ukrainian drone unit has destroyed dozens of “priority targets” by attacking Russian forces as they sleep, The Times reported.

Aerorozvidka, a specialist air reconnaissance unit within the army, has been picking off tanks, command trucks and vehicles carrying electronic equipment since the invasion began.

“We strike at night, when Russians sleep,” Yaroslav Honchar, the unit’s battle-hardened commander, said from his base of operations in Kyiv.

Russian forces are static when night falls, he explained, with their fear of Ukrainian shelling forcing them to hide their tanks in villages between houses, knowing that conventional artillery cannot risk hitting civilians.

But immobile convoys are the prime targets of Aerorozvidka, which has 50 squads of expert drone pilots.

Using heavy-duty octocopter drones which are modified to carry small grenades detonate at Russian armored vehicles as Russian soldiers take a nap.

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