Ukrainian Tu-141 Drone Strikes Blew Up Russia’s Airbase And Su-34 Bombers Fleet

A MAJOR Russian airbase was rocked by massive explosions overnight following a suspected Ukrainian drone strike.

Thick black smoke was seen billowing from the base for Putin’s Su-34 jets in the port town of Yeysk – located just 26 miles from Ukraine across the Sea of Azov.

Russian officials have denied any attack took place – but locals reported two loud explosions.

Russian airbases

Rybar, a pro-Kremlin military analysis channel on Telegram said: “There was an explosion at the airfield.

“According to preliminary data, a Tu-141 Swift UAV was struck down.

“There was a strike on the territory of the base but none of the aircraft were hit.

“However, this attack is unlikely to be the only one. With a high degree of probability, attempts will continue.”

The scale of the damage in Yeysk was unclear on Wednesday morning.

Local official Roman Bublik claimed the explosions were “military drills”.

In October last year, 13 people were killed in the same town after a fighter jet slammed into a block of flats sparking a huge inferno.

Footage showed a massive fireball erupting from the building after a Su-34 supersonic plane smashed into it.

It comes as Russia continues to be fearful of Ukrainian strikes and sabotage on their soil potentially using drones.

There has been a spate of unexplained fires – sometimes triggered by explosions – in Russian territory and invaded areas.

Recent infernos have hit strategic oil and gas facilities including storage depots along with military facilities and airbases.

On Tuesday, the airspace over St Petersburg was shut down over reports of a UFO and millions were told to rush to nuke shelters in a new TV hack.

Fighter jets were put up over the city which has not so far faced attack in the war, and is 550 miles from the nearest point of Ukraine.

The UFO – which is suspected to have been a drone – was heading towards the Gulf of Finland.

Russian officials did not confirm the report of the UFO – but confirmed the airport was shut down.

On the same day, a drone crashed just 68 miles from Putin’s office in the Kremlin in a suspected “failed attack” by Ukraine.

Pictures appeared to show a Ukrainian UJ-31 “loitering munitions” kamikaze flying bomb after it came down near a gas plant more than 300 miles from the border.

It crashed near the village of Kolomna hours after Russia’s Defence Ministry accused Ukraine of two attempted drone strikes in south of the country.

If Ukraine was behind the Kolomna drone, it would be its closest attempted strike to Moscow since the invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago.

It is also the deepest inside Russian territory any suspected Ukrainian drone has been spotted.

On Monday, a Russian spy plane was also destroyed in a suspected drone attack in Belarus.

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