Ukraine Released Details of Crimea Operations By Its Special Forces

The crack unit triumphantly hung a Ukraine flag during the 'successful' operation. Photo Credit: Twitter

This is the proud moment Ukrainian crack troops landed deep in Crimea to blow up Vladimir Putin’s defences in a daring special forces raid.

British Royal Marine Commando trained Ukrainian soldiers staged an audacious landing in the annexed region under the cloak of darkness early on Thursday morning.

Kyiv’s military intelligence boasted that all objectives had been “achieved” after commandos descended on Cape Tarkhankut.

And it was reported some 30 Russian soldiers were killed in the assault.

Reports claim Volodymyr Zelensky’s men used both boats and aircraft to ambush Russian forces in the southwest of the peninsula.

Locals reported hearing explosions ring out near the village of Mayak.

“The goals have been achieved,” HUR agency spokesman Andriy Yusov said, but he did not offer up any further details.

However, he did indicate that a special operation was continuing.

Ukrainian special forces stormed Crimea in the early hours of last Thursday morning. Photo Credit: Twitter

It has been speculated that Russia’s Nebo-M and Kasta-2E2 radar stations may have been the targets of the surprise Ukrainian raid.

Troops reportedly arrived in Crimea at around 3.50am, with one soldier sharing footage appearing to show their dramatic entrance.

Video shared on social media shows a small boat racing across the waves before sunrise, before the camera pans to a mounted machine gun.

Russian sources suggested at least ten people came in two rubber boats, before allegedly shooting at a campsite.

Video shows Ukraine’s crack unit raising the national flag after successfully storming the western shore of Crimea.

Some Kremlin insiders claimed the Ukrainian special forces were “destroyed”, however, there is no official confirmation of this.

The allegations were even disputed by pro-war Moscow channels.

Online reports have claimed the Russians lost both personnel and equipment, although this has not yet been confirmed.

“While performing the task, Ukrainian defenders clashed with the occupier’s units,” Ukraine’s intelligence agency said.

“As a result, the enemy suffered losses among its personnel and destroyed enemy equipment.”

The special operation was reportedly carried out with the Ukrainian Navy, with Kyiv saying there were no casualties.

However, Ukraine’s exit proved just as explosive as their entrance – as one of the boats came under fire on the way back.

Video shows troops scrambling to grab their guns as an unidentified aerial threat, which many believe was a Russian Navy jet, flew overhead.

The latest raid on Crimea will come as a huge blow for Putin, who has controlled the region since 2014 when his forces annexed the Black Sea peninsula.

He built anti-tank traps and barricades on beaches to fend off Ukrainian troops in April amid fears it would be snatched off him.

Crime has become a huge point of contention during the war and Ukraine is now seemingly taking advantage of Russia’s concern.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, had previously hinted at action in Crimea.

The location of the latest mission is said to be close to where Ukraine destroyed a Russian S-400 and S-300 air defence system just a day earlier.

Dramatic aerial footage showed how an enormous explosion erupted as the strike incinerated the key machinery.

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