Iran blamed the downed Ukrainian plane for the shortcomings of the Russian ADS

Security officers and Red Crescent workers are seen at the site where Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 after takeoff from Iran’s Imam Khomeini airport on the outskirts of Tehran on Jan. 8. (Wana News Agency/Reuters)

The Iranian authorities fully recognized their responsibility for the Ukrainian passenger airliner shot down several months ago in the sky over Tehran, however, they stressed that tragedies could have been avoided if the Russian air defense system had a better fire control radar and Identification, friend or foe (IFF) system reports Kyiv Post.

What is IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)? - everything RF
Example of IFF. An IFF system is a two-channel system, using the 1030 MHz band for interrogating signals and the 1090 MHz band for response signals. This can be divided into four modes, two for military use and two for both military and civilian aircrafts.

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said on July 12 that investigators blamed the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet over Tehran earlier this year on the air defense unit’s radar system, in a report issued late Saturday.

All 176 passengers and crewaboard Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 were killed in the Jan. 8 crash, which sparked widespread public anger. Iranian authorities took days to admit that the country’s forces had fired an antiaircraft missile at the Boeing 737-800 shortly after its takeoff from Imam Khomeini International Airport.


The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization has published an updated report informing that the reason for the defeat of the Ukrainian civilian aircraft was the lack of opportunity in the Russian Tor air defense systems to adapt to the current geographical coordinates, target discrimination and the direction of the aircarft. For this reason, the operator initialized the civilian airliner as a military aircraft, and as a result opened fire, firing two anti-aircraft missiles. The fire control radar of Russian Buk missile behaved the same way when it downed MH-17 aircraft.

Iran emphasizes that the Tor air defense missile system is deprived of the ability to automatically determine the direction and discriminate target as such it miscalculates Flight 752 as warplane than civilian aircraft.

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