After T-90S Tanks, Ukraine Handed Over Russian T-72 Tanks To U.S. Army

In mid-April, Louisiana residents could observe the transportation of a modern Russian T-90S tank. Another tank, the T-72, has recently been spotted in the US.

The T-90S remained parked in Louisiana because the prime mover had technical problems. The tank was on its way to the Aberdeen Proving Ground. This information was officially confirmed by the US Department of Defence. The T-72 is also going there.

There is an important difference between the two combat vehicles. The T-90A was seized by the Ukrainian Armed Forces last autumn. In the case of the T-72, it appears to be a Czech upgrade. The Excalibur Army company is in charge of this. The company has promised to upgrade 90 tanks for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Dave Trojan, a retired U.S. Navy aircraft technician, was preparing to search for wreckage sites from World War II, but came across a tank instead. The fighting vehicle was near Wendover Airfield in Utah.

The tank was standing covered in tarpaulin at a Pilot fueling station. One of the labels indicated that the T-72 was being transported from the National Automotive Test Center in Nevada to the National Ground Intelligence Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

It can be assumed that the T-72 will be tested and studied. However, the official purpose of transporting the upgraded tank to the US is as yet unknown.

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