The RSAF Trainee Pilots Are Cleared To Train at the US Naval Bases

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Second Deputy Premier, Deputy Crown Prince, Minister of Defense Kingdom of Saudi Arabia speaks with Rear Adm. Andrew Lewis, commander of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

The US Defense Department cleared Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) trainee pilots to resume training at US Naval bases, following the deadly terror attack carried out by one of the RSAF pilot in Florida late last year.

International military students have now resumed their flight training after the vetting requirements set forth by Defense Secretary Mark Esper were satisfied by the US Navy.

“Updates to Navy policy include a new regulation prohibiting the possession of personally owned firearms by IMS, limiting access by all foreign nationals to assigned facilities and installations only, and requiring IMS to accept these policies to train in the United States,” Navy spokeswoman Lt. Cdr Megan Isaac said in a statement.

The move to restricting firearms possession by foreign nationals, while in many ways controversial and unclear as to how it will work against agents of terror, was implemented in hopes that it would prevent a repeat of the December 2019 shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola, which was carried out by a Saudi military officer and filmed by his comrades.

That said, around twenty Saudi students were sent home following an FBI investigation.

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