Ukraine Captured T-90S Bhishma Tanks Originally Produced For The Indian Army

A Russia’s T-90S Bhishma tank, initially destined for the Indian army, has been captured by Ukrainian troops.

Multiple photos of the captured T-90S, which is the export version of the T-90 in service with the Russian army, were published on social media.

Russia faces depleting armor reserves after ten months of significant losses in Ukraine and decided to divert to its own forces T-90S tanks that were initially bound for export customers.

T-90S is made for export customers, including Algeria, India, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

As noted by the Russian state arms export agency Rosoboronexport, the T-90S is an advanced version of the T-series of Russian tanks, offering increased firepower, mobility and protection. It is designed for the export market.

On top of that, the Ukraine Weapons Tracker OSINT group posted a picture of what it says is the first loss of a T-90S tank.

“The first loss of a Russian T-90S, a type originally intended for export, has been spotted,” the OSINT group said in a Twitter post.

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