Turkey rejects Russian Su-57 fighter jet

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the rejection of the Russian Su-57 reports Russian news agency Avia.Pro.

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The President of Turkey announced that the replacement of the American F-35 fighters would not be Russian Su-57 combat aircraft, but Turkish innovative TF-X fighters, which are supposed to be in service with the Turkish Air Force by 2023. Initially, Ankara planned to acquire a large batch of Russian combat aircraft, however, given Erdogan’s statement, the acquisition of these fighters as a replacement for the F-35 is no longer planned.

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“The start of production of their own military aircraft, scheduled for 2023, will be the best answer to those who do not want to supply Turkey with the F-35” reports Russian news agency FAN quoting Turkish President.

How effective a fighter developed in Turkey can be – one can only guess, however, experts say that creating a modern fighter from scratch and talking about the beginning of its serial production by 2023 is a bold statement for a country that has no experience in creating combat aircraft .

“In Turkey, obviously they don’t realize that it could take years to test a fighter. In addition, Turkey is not a high-tech country, and it can be assumed that behind the spectacular design of the fighter there will be something in between the fighter of the third and fourth generation ”, said Russian defense expert.

Turkey intended to purchase Russian Su-35 fighters, since the promised conclusion of S-400 contract last November, Turkey rejected any offer from Russia to procure military hardware from Russia for now.

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