Ukrainian drone blows up Russia’s most advanced T-90MS tank

Ukrainian Soldiers from 2nd battalion K-2 of the 54th Mechanized Brigade have released impressive aerial footage showing the Russian most advanced operational tank blown by a Ukrainian drone strike in a dramatic battle.

According to the K-2 battalion, an aerial reconnaissance unit discovered the Russian T-90M tank: “It is a sin to leave it in working condition. It was decided to destroy it.

The hunt for the tank was really intense. During the first flight, the drone dropped three bombs on the tank, and although all three times shells hit the tank, the combat vehicle was only damaged, so the pilots prepared a second flight.

During the second mission, the first bomb hit the tank next to it, and the other three hit the target. The hit caused the Russian vehicle’s engine compartment to catch fire and damage and fire to the tank’s turret.

The T-90M, also known as the Proryv, is the latest main battle tank to enter frontline Russian service. The newest configuration of the Soviet-era T-72 tank can be recognized by the characteristic contours of the updated turret, a panoramic sight with a machine gun and distinctive Nakidka radar-absorbent material, or RAM, blanket.

The T-90M is the most technologically advanced and capable main battle tank to have achieved full operational status with the Russian Armed Forces.

To date, independent open-source analysis group Oryx has visually documented the loss of at least 20 Russian T-90M tanks.

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