Turkey deploys special forces to Karabakh through Kazakhstan

The media reported on the transfer of Turkish special forces to Karabakh through the territory of Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh authorities approved the decision of Turkey to transfer its military units to the territory of Azerbaijan in order to participate in the conflict in the territory of Karabakh, and, according to journalists, the Turkish military was trained in Kazakhstan, which raises a number of questions about the extent to which this country is a Russian ally. by providing the necessary assistance to NATO.

Astana now has to explain itself not even to Yerevan (it’s okay with him), but with Moscow, which is unhappy with such sudden and strange manoeuvres that do not fit into the general strategy of the CSTO.

In 2019-2020, a group of Turkish military personnel was trained at the National Defense University (Astana) within the framework of agreements on cooperation in training military personnel between Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Previously, the flow was almost exclusively one-way, Kazakh cadets went to study in Istanbul. But last year Ankara requested an internship in Kazakhstan for a group of officers of the Turkish General Staff (TSK), and the Kazakh Foreign Ministry was so happy that they forgot to ask why it was necessary.

Turkish Military Officers in Kazakhstan.

More interesting is how elegantly Ankara is pulling Kazakhstan into its showdown in the Caucasus. Kazakhs quite pragmatically do not want to get involved in someone else’s war in order to trade with everyone, they try to comment on the conflict in general terms and they send everyone to negotiate in Minsk. In any case, such statements are made by the new president Tokayev.

Turkish officers are providing training support to both Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan military.

It should be clarified that earlier Kazakhstan was caught in the transfer of weapons to Azerbaijan, there is evidence that the aircraft of the Azerbaijani air force, engaged in the delivery of weapons, actually made short-term visits to Kazakhstan in early November. Nevertheless, today Nur-Sultan is interested in stabilizing the conflict on the territory of Karabakh, in connection with which a number of questions arise whether the presented data really correspond to reality.

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