Germany prepares $2.95 billion lethal aid package for Ukraine, including tanks, IRIS-T, armored vehicles and howitzers

Germany may announce a new military aid package for Ukraine in the near future. This was reported by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, citing sources in the German government familiar with the situation.

The new military aid package will help Ukraine’s Armed Forces strengthen its ground forces and boost its air defence system. One of the main items is the IRIS-T SLM medium-range surface-to-air missile system in the amount of four units, i.e. we are talking about 12 launchers. Together with IRIS-T SLM, Ukraine will receive hundreds of missile interceptors.

Germany will transfer 30 Leopard 1 tanks, 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 18 RCH 155 self-propelled artillery units on wheeled chassis and 200 reconnaissance drones. In addition, the assistance will include more than 200 vehicles for troop transport and logistics support.

The cost of the equipment transferred will be estimated at about €2.7 billion ($2.95 billion). This is the biggest military aid package from Germany for Ukraine since February last year. It is expected to be officially announced in the coming days. It is possible that as early as tomorrow, May 14.

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