Ukraine’s $500 FPV drone destroyed Russia’s $4.3 million T-90MS main battle tank

Russia spent almost 10 years developing the modernised T-90MS tank. And Ukrainian FPV drones destroyed the combat vehicle in a few minutes.

The Russian industry is trying to increase the pace of production of modernized T-90MS tanks. Due to this, in recent months they are much more common on the battlefield than a year and a half ago.

The cost of the tank can reach $4.3 million. Recently, one T-90MS was destroyed with the help of three Ukrainian kamikaze drones. One FPV drone equipped with explosives is valued at about $500.

According to Oryx analysts, there have been 435 documented losses of T-90MS since 24 February 2022. Three tanks were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, the Ukrainian forces collected at least 35 T-90MS tanks as war trophy.

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