Russian air force bombed its own territory with FAB-250 bombs due to GLONASS errors

Another unexploded aviation bomb of its own was found in the Belgorod region of Russia, according to Militarnyi.

The visual evidence of the unexploded ordnance surfaced on social media platforms, shedding light on another instance of Russian tactical aviation seemingly “misplacing” its aviation bombs en route to Ukraine during combat flights.

This recent incident in the Belgorod region revealed an unexploded OFAB-250 aviation bomb equipped with the UMPK flight control module, a GLONASS guidance system retrofit for conventional “dumb” bombs, often likened to the Russian JDAM.

The flight control module displays manually inscribed manufacturing markings reading “Valid until 18.12.23,” potentially indicating its production date or quality control assessment.

However, the unexpected detachment from the aircraft’s pylon suggests a potential malfunction that led to this aviation mishap.

This occurrence isn’t an isolated one within the Russian aviation practice. Notably, a previous incident involved the inadvertent dropping of several bombs directly onto Belgorod, culminating in the detonation of one of these bombs.

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