Ukrainians sell parts of Russia’s new Lancet kamikaze drone as souvenir

When the Russian invasion started in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin could not have imagined that Ukrainians would begin selling parts of Russia’s most capable and secret weapon systems as souvenirs.

One such example is the team of aviation enthusiasts from the Fuselage Creations, which is turning wreckage from the newest Russian Lancet loitering munition, also called a suicide drone, into key fobs and selling them. The money goes right back to helping Ukrainian people and Soldiers.

Military experts don’t like the term “kamikaze drone,” preferring to call these weapons “loitering munitions,” but this is how they briefly describe the principle of operation of these modern unmanned aerial vehicles, which cause a lot of trouble for the Ukrainian military.

Lancets are unmanned aerial systems that crash into their targets and explode upon impact. They are considered most effective for attacking stationary targets, “fixed” air defense systems, combat vehicles and artillery systems.

Unique souvenirs, which, incidentally, due to the drone’s small size, are made in an exclusive series of 66 units, along with several souvenir stands. The Fuselage Creations use wreckage from the Lancet kamikaze drone that was shot down over the position of Ukrainian artillery with the help of an anti-aircraft gun.

In addition to the Lancet, other modern models of Russian military equipment, including the Russian military’s most capable fighter aircraft and attack helicopters, were also “sovereignized.”

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