Ukraine Claimed That It Destroyed Russian Military’s 290 Tanks, 46 Aircraft and 68 Helicopters

Ukraine’s military claims to have destroyed 290 tanks, 46 aircraft and 68 helicopters used by Russia, while Moscow says it shot down three Ukrainian Su-27 jets.

The total approximate combat losses of the enemy between February 24 and March 7: personnel – more than 11,000 people, tanks – 290, armored fighting vehicles – 999, artillery systems – 117, MLRS – 50, air defense systems – 23, aircraft – 46, helicopters – 68, vehicles – 454, ships/boats – 3, fuel tanks – 60, UAVs of the operational and tactical level – 7,” the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a statement on official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Russian defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenov reported destroying three more Su-27s of the Ukrainian Air Force in the Poltava region, one Su-25 in the Gostomel region, two Mi-24 helicopters in the Makarov region and eight drones including a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 on Sunday alone. Russia says its bombers destroyed three Buk M1 anti-aircraft missile systems and two radar stations. In the entire operation, 78 Ukrainian drones were shot down, Igor said.

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