Russia’s glorified S-400 SAM failed to launch 40N6E missiles

A 40N6E launched from missile canister, --the propulsion system of 40N6E failed to generate enough thrust for the missile to follow the flight path and fell on to the nearby launch vehicle.

The unsuccessful launch of the glorified S-400 air defense missile system and its fall on Russian servicemen were caught on video.

Large-scale military exercises led to another emergency – in addition to the loss of a Su-30SM2 fighter, a T-90 tank and an army truck, it became known about the unsuccessful launch of an anti-aircraft guided missile of the newest S-400 SAM. The launched rocket soon fell, and at the positions of the military personnel, although the latter was not supposed to be in the area, and only miraculously did not explode.

The launch of an anti-aircraft missile of the S-400 SAM almost ended in a catastrophe. The interceptor missile abnormally left the missile canister. The video was allegedly filmed two days ago during the Caucasus-2020 exercise at the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region. The Ministry of Defense organized a military exercise to practice a successful repulsion of the “massive missile and air strike of the enemy, reports the Daily Telegram.

In the video, the first 40N6E missile successfully flew to the target, then the second only managed to get out of the launch canister, rise to a height of several hundreds of meters, after which it fell just a few meters from the launcher – in the event of an explosion, the shrapnel would have struck everyone within a radius of 200-300 meters.

It is noteworthy that despite the fact that one of the missiles did not hit the target during the repulsion of a massive attack, representatives of the military command bizarrely announced successful launches.

The reasons and circumstances of the incident have not yet been announced. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is investing the incident as well as Su-30SM2 incident.

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